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Sale di Volterra, the purest salt of Italy
Sale di Volterra is a recrystallized salt. The underground deposits are flooded by fresh water which dissolves the salt, and it turns into a concentrated salt solution at 33%, which is then purified at 80 degrees centigrade to remove all impurities that can contaminate it. The solution thus purified is sent to the crystallizers, 40 meters high, where the high temperatures resulting from the compression of the steam, bring the solution to 130 degrees centigrade, thereby evaporating the water present in the solution and leaving the salt. This process is called Recrystallization of salt. The salt is dried and still wet intended for packaging in various types designed to meet all the needs of the market. Our production system, unique in all Italy, makes Sale di Volterra: purest salt in Italy.


Sale di Volterra 25 kg
Sale di Volterra 1 kg
Sale di Volterra silocamion
Sale di Volterra, the purest salt in Italy is:
- used for the production of tablets for the water treatment, packed in bags of 25kg or 10kg;
- bagged in 25kg bags;
- in packets of 1kg, even iodized;
- silage for the loading of tanks;
- packed in big bags.