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sea salt

Locatelli Saline di Volterra, in order to ensure a complete range of products and respond to customers need of reducing the number of suppliers, has introduced the production of sea salt.
To promote Made in Italy, sea salt, already washed, is bought by Italian salt mines, which guarantee the highest quality of the product. Transported by ship up to our logistics base in Chioggia (Ve), it can be directly loaded onto trucks for the consumer or is shipped to our main plant in Bolgare. In our Refinery in Bolgare (Bg) is stored in a covered warehouse of 3000 m2, ready to be ground, washed 3 more times, dried and sieved. The grinding and sieving allow Raffinato to reach every range in grain size and adapt to any request.

Divided according to the particle size and sent to the dedicated silos, the product can be loaded into dedicated food tank, ready to be shipped, or sent to a packaging line of the latest generation reserved exclusively for this product.

The pallets palletized and hooded are stored indoors away from any element that could lead to non-compliance, especially in the food.
Sea salt fino - Granulometry < 1,3 mm
Granulometry < 1,3 mm
Sea salt medio - Granulometry:  between 1,3 and 2 mm
Granulometry: between 1,3 and 2 mm
Sea Salt grosso - Granulometry: between 3 and 6 mm
Granulometry: between 3 and 6 mm
Sea salt lavato - Granulometry:  between 3 and 6 mm
Granulometry: between 3 and 6 mm
Sea salt medio
Silo Truck
The grain size standard rooms we offer are fine, medium, coarse and washed
It is also possible to produce specifically grain sizes for each individual request.

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